Audience Testimonials


 "As people begin the process of learning about what drives them to do the things they do, they often learn that the core of what matters is passion. Scott brings this to a place of crystal clear understanding as he shares his story with the audience. One can feel the vitality and love that are a part of Scott and indeed the essence of his important message."    

John Raffaele
Trainer, Speaker, Motivator
Educational Support for Direct Support
, New York


“If you have a chance to catch Scott’s presentation, I highly recommend  it!!  Scott does  a wonderful job of leading you to focus on the balance of work life and personal life. His story is inspiring, his passion is contagious, and you leave with  a positive feeling.  Through examples in his own life (and others), Scott will lead you to develop concrete action plans that you can use immediately.  It’s an hour well spent!”

Bill Waibel
Director, Business Development
Elsevier/MC Strategies
Knoxville, TN


“Scott is not only passionate  but courageous; daring to trust his audience with the vulnerability of his life experiences.... what you see is what you get; Scott’s genuineness challenges you to bring the best of who you are to the conversation."

"He applies his principles of passion and commitment to each aspect of his life. He leaves each experience better than he found it”

Lisa Burck, MPA
Arc of Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi


"Despite low wages, challenging work environments and infrequent recognition, many direct support professionals who are providing services to people with disabilities are living their passion - they do this work with integrity, devotion and professionalism. Scott Trudo's presentation on "Living Your Passion" is one that resonates well with our work."

Joseph M. Macbeth
Executive Director
National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals