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"A Great how-to for Getting the Most Out of Life!"

This book is what anyone who is trying to figure out what to do w/ his/her life, needs to read. It is an easy to follow guide for finding happiness and life's purpose. Each chapter is filled w/ exercises to complete, graphs and charts to fill out, thought provoking questions ~ all designed to guide one on one's journey to becoming one's authentic self. Scott's life ~ as outlined in the book ~ is a perfect example of why his plan will work for you. If you think something is missing, feel unfilled, know you could be happier, this book is for you. Everything you need is here, as well as great resources. Plus, there are numerous examples of how others have also found happiness in their lives. It is all very motivating, stimulating, and designed to help you on your way in life. I highly recommend it.

Connie Sullivan, San Diego, CA

 "Important Book – Find and Live Your Passion"

Scott is an amazing person that has decided despite life's obstacles to live his passion. I am proud to be one of the stories. When I decided to create TecAccess - for some odd reason - I thought the world would throw open their arms and support us. Well it was a little more difficult than that but the rough path has been laid with blessings and miracles. This is a wonderful book and we are blessed to be part of it. Debra

Debra Ruh, Richmond, Virginia

"Short, Sweet and Powerful Stuff!"

Live your Passion is a game changer. And it's written by a writer who has walked the walk. I have read a lot of self-help books but this one I'd like to keep in my back pocket. It has not only shown me how to discover my passion but also showed me how to make it happen. If you're looking for a book that's easy and fun to read that actually offers some real steps to improve your life, this is the book for you. I'd write more but I have things to make happen. Thanks Scott!

Paul from NH

"Take the Journey"

Scott has 'lived his passion' in the writing of this book. You will find not only words of inspiration and support, but this little guide is a great interactive experience. There are pages where you will be encouraged to write notes, thoughts and ideas about your dreams and goals. He makes it fun and motivates you to think about where you are in your life now, and where you want to be tomorrow and in the future. I bought Scott's book in October, 2010, and I've made definite changes in my life since then. I use the book as a daily journal, filling the borders with notes. At first, my notes were not so happy, and I will say I whined a lot. It's interesting to see how the mood of my notes improves as time goes by. Scott's words help me navigate the rough spots. I've become a happier, more positive person because I know that I CAN live my passion. As you use this book you'll be charting your own journey to reach the final destination of Living Your Passion. Go for IT.

Seaside DEE, Tucson, Az

"A Guide to Living Life to the Fullest"

This book is wonderful. Well written by some one who has been there, you will find the concepts easy to understand, and very helpful. He will take you by the hand with his words and lead you chapter by chapter down the path to your own happiness and fulfillment. If you just can't seem to get past a setback or seem to be "stuck" in your life or career, this book may just be the much needed guide to lead you where you long to go.

Stormy Raine 

"Life’s Little Instruction Manual"

I was excited to read this book and Scott did not disappoint! He is spot on with his advice on how to live a fulfilling life. Best of all, Scott has lived this journey and speaks from what truly worked for him. The book itself is an easy read and it is up to readers to put the practical advice into action- This book includes all the tools needed to truly live one's passion! This is not your typical self-help book but truly what I would consider Life's little instruction manual!

Tina LaBonte, Bristol, NH

"Rev Up Your Passion!"

I just finished reading this book, "Live Your Passion", and all I can say is, "WOW!!!", because it is so inspiring and a fabulous guide for living one's passion. It helped me to reconnect with my near-dead passion (I am recovering from a severe burn-out) and remember many things about myself that I had lost touch with, as well as learn new ways to live my passion. I was once "on fire" - well, for many years, I was. I want to be in that mindset again and this book has already helped me with getting back there. I would highly recommend this book, which I feel is appropriate for anyone, regardless of where they are on life's journey, their age, background, etc. It is easy to see that the author, Scott D. Trudo, is heartfelt and genuine. His life story is proof of his ability to conquer anything and live his passion; his book will help you to do the same.

Bridget Siljander, Minnesota 

"Practical Inspiration!"

Scott Trudo's book offers tons of relevant advice and helpful tools. It offers positive advice and easy to use activities that help you ask and answer meaningful questions. The interactive nature of the book helps you break down big decisions into small, easy to figure out steps. It's a great resource for career changers or anyone simply looking to add more meaning to their life!


"Loved This Book!"

This book will help so many people find or rediscover what's important to them and give them the tools to gor for it. What a gift! It's made me rethink my priorities and goals, and my daughter is now doing the exercises to help her plan her college journey. Thank you, Scott, for writing a book that comes from the heart, is easy to read and will do so much good.



Scott Trudo is a living example! Mr. Trudo exemplifies this notion of finding and creating your own happiness. Further, his passion is helping the rest of us find our own happiness and passion in life! "Live Your Passion" has been sincerely written to share the successful practices and traits that will assist each of us in finding our happiness and that which inspires passion in us! Thank you, Scott for sharing your good news!



Scott is caring, energized and people oriented! His book, Live Your Passion, is the most inspirational I have ever read!

Sally Leavell Liu, Brookline, NH 
"Love This Book!"

I've now read this book twice and it's awesome. I love the step by step exercises that really help you figure where you are in your life, what's not working and where you want to be. Thanks for writing this book!

Karen Hinch

"Passionate Look at Life"

Having recently graduated college, this book helped me gain some perspective on my future. Clearly written, approachable in style, and inspiring to read. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to gain wisdom or plan for the future. Well worth the read.

Andy, NH

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