Pamela Gail Johnson

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Pamela Gail Johnson is
Passionate About Happiness!

 Years ago I stumbled upon a great website called The Secret Society of Happy People, a membership based site for sharing ideas about happiness. “What a concept – secret society, happy people” I thought.  So I explored a bit deeper.  What I discovered was impressive.  So impressive that I had to know who the creative and happy author of the site was.  Enter – Pamela Gail Johnson.

Thirteen years ago Pamela Gail Johnson was working as an author in the self-help field.  I interviewed Pamela about her work and how she came to start the Secret Society of Happy People (SSOHP).  “Naturally a lot of the conversation in the self-help field was about the wrongs and wounds of life.  One day I asked myself, where are all the happy people?  Then I thought perhaps they have their own club, they are the Secret Society of Happy People.  I envisioned a group of people wearing Mardi Gras like masks happily chatting with each other about happy things.  They wore the masks to keep their identities a secret just in case parade-rainers (people who don’t want to hear your happy news) crashed the meetings.

Pamela’s vision grew out of a desire to make others smile and think about happiness in a different way.  She told me that she thought we had reached a place where talking about unhappiness was applauded more than talking about happiness.  She decided to talk about happiness.  That was when she created the Secret Society of Happy People.

I asked Pamela to describe the story of her business growth.  “There was a time when I had been unemployed for about six months.  My web hosting and e-zine fees were due and I simply didn’t have the money to pay them.  So before everything was canceled I sent out a newsletter to the members telling them we’d be off-line for a while.  The members responded and ordered memberships, T-shirts and some just gave me donations. One was for $1000, which kept the Society afloat that year while I was job hunting and getting myself out of debt.  It was so humbling to have not-so-secretly happy people increase my happiness.  The thought of the going black was breaking my heart during an already stressful time.”

As I talked further with Pamela she said “I believe that everything happens for a reason…and sometimes it takes us a long time to figure out that reason.  I’m still not sure why I was unemployed for so long, but the experience showed me that others cared about the Society as much as I did.  The Society is very online oriented, so sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself and I wonder if people are really interested in what I say.  It was nice to know they did.”

I was interested in whether or not Pamela’s journey – her road to happiness, followed the same general process I have outlined in this (Live Your Passion) book.  When asked to comment she said “My values mapped into my long-term goals in that I believe one day the Society will provide a wellness program for companies, a best-selling book, or speaking opportunity that will be my full-time career.   I recognize my strength and my weakness is that I can be overly optimistic.  I’m a realist but one that sees the glass as being half full rather than half empty.  My aptitude is to inspire people to think about things in a different way than they normally do. 

Pamela’s Secret Society of Happy People is inspiring and motivating people to think differently on all continents of the globe.  The Society has thousands of members and is becoming a real force for positive change.  At the time of this writing I noted that the Secret Society of Happy People has 5,600 fans on its facebook page. Thank you Pamela Gail Johnson for being passionate about happiness!

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