Why Read Live Your Passion?

"I wrote this book to help people quickly and easily make changes in their lives.  Based on the process I used in my own life, this book will help readers develop an understanding of their authentic self, examine options available to them in life and put in place a positive plan to move in a new direction.  For people who are feeling stuck in their career, relationship, or in life - this book can help!

Scott Trudo


Live Your Passion is a step-by-step guide to personal and professional happiness and your roadmap to a happier, more passionate life!  Each chapter contains easy to follow, hands-on exercises.  The book also includes stories of real-life people who have overcome odds and are living exciting, happy lives based on their true passions!

The process outlined in this book is easy apply in your own life and will teach you how to:

  • Get to know your authentic self
  • Create new road-maps for your life; complete with step-by-step action plans to help you achieve your goals
  • Find the perfect career
  • Build healthy, respectful relationships
  • Recognize life's many options and begin to make positive life choices
  • Find true happiness and joy in your life
About the Author

Scott Trudo is a living example of how anyone can turn a difficult challenging life into a passionate one. During his life he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and experienced near death due to complications in surgery. Through his life experiences, Scott has developed a stead-fast belief that each of us creates our own happiness. Live Your Passion is the road-map Scott followed in his own life. His book documents the specific steps anyone can follow to achieve personal and professional happiness.