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Find your passion and happiness in life through positive psychology.


This website, and my book, Live Your Passion, were both born out of the sad but true reality that more and more people today feel something is missing in their lives. They don't know exactly what it is, just that they've lost their sense of passion and happiness. 

I think a lot of this stems from an emotion of fear and a sense that the future is uncertain, particularly during these difficult economic times when so many people are unemployed or working two jobs just to make ends meet.  In this climate it's no wonder that many people find themselves asking “Am I safe?" "What will my future look like?” and "Why am I not happy?" These are stressful times, to be sure. Finding a sense of passion in our life can be - at the very least - a welcomed distraction, and quite possibly, a life changing experience!

I created this website to help counter all the challenges in your life and help get you back on your own road to personal or professional happiness. In addition to information about me, and my book, you'll find a collection of stories about positive psychology and passionate people, many who have overcome tremendous odds in pursuit of their dreams.  And yes, they're happy. You'll also find a page with links to some great resources that can assist you on your journey.  While here, don't forget to check out my blog, where I post interesting and relevant ideas on everything from positive psychology to achieving true happiness.  And finally, be sure to contact me directly if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas!  

Thanks for visiting, I wish you well on your journey!