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Can money buy Passion?

Generally I try to post weekly, on Saturday or Sunday.  But since this has been on my mind lately, I just thought I'd throw it out there in the form of a mid-week post..... albeit a short one, and in the form of a question.

So here's the question for you to contemplate:

Who is richer, the man (woman) with a million bucks in the bank and a long line of "friends" he barely knows or the man (woman) with an empty wallet and just one friend who's there through thick and thin?

My question may seem obvious, but give the meaning some thought.... and realize that there is no right or wrong answer, just your answer.  It just might cause you to think.

Now consider these questions:
How many "friends" do you have?
How much money is enough?
How do you define "poor," "rich?"

In my view, we should all be so blessed as to have one friend and an empty wallet!

Until next time - be well and live with passion!