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Adversity - It really can sow the seeds of passion!

It was probably 20 years ago when I heard the human behavior expert and motivational speaker, Denis Waitley, say "adversity carries with it the seeds of greatness."  Interesting, I thought.  But wasn't really convinced.  Today, I'm convinced!  And I'm going to share my reasons with you. 

First, adversity forces us to think.  That's right - think.  So often we travel through life on auto pilot, not thinking much at all.  We become so accustomed to doing the same things day in and day out that we often don't take the time to reflect and consider deeply what we want to be, do and achieve in our life.  Adversity, by its very definition, forces us to stop, and think about what we are up against and how we will react (or better yet, respond) to it.  Adversity forces us to make a choice, and in doing so, consider our options.  Often when doing this we make a choice that sets us up for something better.  

Next, I believe that adversity teaches us things about ourselves and about life.  Think about it - when things are going well, we are less inclined to ask "why," or to ask "what can I learn from this?"   

The adversities I have faced life have all - without exception - proven to be tremendous learning experiences.  I have come to embrace a philosophy that welcomes difficult situations, uncertainty and change.  While these things certainly aren't comfortable while they are happening, I have learned that each carries with it a lesson.  Lessons are what I have come to see as steps in my own personal development, my own journey on my road to happiness.  And that's the place where I find, and live my passions in life.

In the end, we all must live our lives in the best way we know how.  My suggestion to everyone is to try to begin to see the set-backs, the struggles, the "adversities" life presents you with as opportunities to learn, grow and sow the seeds of what may grow into a new found passion in your life! 

Until next time - Be Well!