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Thoughts, Insights and More! Scott shares his personal experiences on how to find true happiness and discover the "authentic you". 

Finding your passion can be life changing!

The idea of living a life of passion is certainly not new. Many of us do live a life full of passion, dedicated to causes we believe in. For some of us it’s our career, our job. For others it’s that hobby we carve out time for each week that brings us joy and excitement. For others it may be a special cause, a community organization or a church. Passion does not stem exclusively from one area; it can be different for each of us.

This blog, along with my book Live Your Passion, was born as a result of a sad but true reality; many people are feeling that something is missing in their life, something that brings them a sense of passion and happiness.  Particularly during these difficult, often uncertain times where each day we hear about the financial crisis our country is in and the growing unemployment rates. Many find themselves asking “am I safe, what will my future look like?” These are stressful times for most. Finding a sense of passion in our lives is at the least a welcomed distraction, and at its best, a life changing experience!