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Looking for Stories of Passion

Most of us think of television personalities like Oprah, business entrepreneurs like Ben and Gerry or sports superstars like Tom Brady as examples of living a life of passion.  While that is true, there are countless stories of lesser known people, people like you and me, who are passionate about life through their work, hobby, volunteering or some other source.

If you have stories about people living out their life passions in meaningful ways please contact me.  I would love to interview them and perhaps add their story on this website.  My idea is to on an ongoing basis offer examples, "success stories," of people who have done what's necessary to go from a simple idea or dream to a place where they are living their passion in a big way.  I hope to inspire you with stories of people from all over the country and the world. 

If you have a story to share, post a comment or simply click on the "contact" navagation button at the top of the screen and email me your story.

Be well...

~ Scott