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Some thoughts on behavior change

Hello friends and happy Saturday!

Recently a friend and I were discussing personal development and why change is so hard for so many of us.  I see it this way:  

The "what" to do (or change) is so often the easiest part.  We can read, talk with others, blog or interact through social media with experts and often solutions become clear to us.

Next we explore the "how" to do (or change) which is also available to us through books, blogs, conversations and so forth.  It is a straight-forward learning process that comes from our new knowledge and insights.

The "why" is sometimes a bit more involved, but again, our new insight based on conversations, reading and so forth often help us understand that all so important "why."

I am convinced that the most difficult is the motivation to change, what I call the "WANT" to change.  The want to is deceiving, it is so much deeper than just a surface want.  It is based on forces stemming from deep inside our sub-concious mind that often drive our behaviors.  The good news, in my opinion, is that we really can change, we really can overcome behaviors that have led us to bad outcomes.  

It may be helpful to look at your life, your outcomes in the following way:

What do I want as an outcome (or to change) ?

How might I go about getting it (or changing) ?

Why am I interested in this outcome (or change) ?  Said another way, what's in it for me, the benefit I will receive?

Finally, am I ready?  Do I really have a burning "WANT" within?  Can I think differently, act differently to overcome those subconscious forces that may be keeping me from all that I want and can be?

I welcome your thoughts.  Please comment at will.  Also check out my Live Your Passion page on Facebook! 

Until next time - Be well!