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Do good and happiness will follow....

Hello friends and happy Sunday afternoon!  

Each day I am reminded of how often things in life just seem to work out in the end.  As many of you know, I never set out to write Live Your Passion.  Rather, it was an idea that started with my own desire to share my life experiences and beliefs about "happiness" with friends and colleagues in a discussion group format.  My hope was that others might begin to identify things they were passionate about and we could help each other grow.  Well, our discussion groups led to exercises I developed which led to a workbook folks used to move ahead with their planning and their thinking.

Eventually, Paul Boynton, and my family said "Scott, why don't you just get those great ideas down in the form of a book?"  And so it goes.....

Today I am so happy - I received an email from a reader indicating to me that her teen aged nephew was reading the book and each time he came to her home went straight for it to read more!  I never set out to address the needs of teens, but the process is well suited for young people who may be trying to decide what path to take in life!  Earlier last week, I had a person I work with in the disabilities field tell me how well the Live Your Passion process fits into what we call "Person-Centered" planning.  Another reader emailed me to say that our elderly can really benefit from the book because it helps them re-think and even re-start things they once were passionate about!

So, my note today is to just go out there and do good things!  I firmly believe that if you do, great, exciting things will follow!  I have no idea where Live Your Passion will lead me, I do know, however, it will be a fun and very rewarding journry!

Be well, until next time!