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Law of Attraction or Law of Action?

Hello friends -

Ever wonder why, hard as we try, it is so difficult to "think" good fortune and happiness into our lives? I have.  While I am one of the the worlds most positive people you will ever meet, I  simply believe positive attitude must be accompanied with positive actions, a very important distinction between what the Law of Attraction suggests and what I believe.

My good friend, Paul Boynton, believes this as well.  He is an amazingly positive man who is also a writer, motivator, personal coach and corporate consultant.  Paul Boynton recently wrote a very good book "Begin With Yes, a short conversation that will change your live forever."  In his book, Paul makes the case for Beginning (taking action) with Yes (positive attitude and optimism).  It is an easy and fun read and well worth a look.  I encourage each of you to check out the Begin With Yes website at and on facebook as well.  

Finally, Paul is a very available man and would love to hear from you.  He had inspired me to take action and move on my Live Your Passion ideas.  Thanks for reading, talk soon.....