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Change is Strange

Change is Strange

One of the reasons that the Live Your Passion process is so effective is that it asks you to first look closely at yourself to get a clear picture of who you are and what you want out of life. This serves as a strong foundation for making choices consistent with your strengths, values and the mission you have defined for yourself.  When approaching life from this perspective, you begin to look at life’s options differently.  This shift may feel strange at first because it is not necessarily the way you have approached decision making in the past.  It may also feel strange, perhaps even uncomfortable, if there are people in your life who do not understand, or who may disagree with your new direction.  Your positive change may feel uncomfortable for others as you begin to approach life differently. 

Let’s consider Jane as an example.  After working with the Live Your Passion process, Jane has a better understanding of the things she values most. She recognizes that education is an important value and that it is time for her to take action. As a result, she starts taking night classes to work toward a degree in marketing, something Jane has discovered she has an aptitude for. As Jane begins the process, she realizes that some of her old friends do not share her value of education, in fact, some have expressed that school is a waste of time and money.  As she makes new choices about how she spends her time (attending night school and studying) she finds that some of her old friends are not as supportive as she had hoped.  Some even begin acting differently towards her.  As Jane makes new choices in her life she begins to realize just how important it is to surround herself with people who support her choices.  For Jane, this feels different.  For Jane, “change is strange.” 

If you wish to make positive change, you must let go of any negative forces that might pull you in the opposite direction.  Change, even good change, really can feel strange!

Give this idea some thought.... what do you think?  Do you have examples of times in your life when change felt strange?  Please comment.

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