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Goal Achieved! Reward Time....

I did it and I am Passionate about it!  


Have you ever tried, really tried to achieve a goal?  So often we try and try, only to fall short.  Well I am happy to say that recently I achieved a goal I have been working on for years - to get to a  healthy weight and exercise daily.  

In keeping with good health and fitness I decided to reward myself in a big way - consistent with my new lifestyle changes - I rewarded myself with  a really cool Bianchi road bike.  Something I will use to keep me motivated and on track to continued good health.

We all have stories of goals we have tried to accomplish and failed at.  We also have stories of those goals we kept at till we accomplished them.  What's yours?  Drop a comment and tell us your story.  I'll bet there are a lot of amazing stories out there....

Till next week,