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Live Your Passion - TODAY!

Hello friends -

Well here we are - February of 2010.  How time flies!  As an update - I am nearing completion of the Live Your Passion book which will be available through this site, on amazon and other retail book sellers.  

Life is exciting and busy at Moore Center Services, the place  I continue to work full time and love.  While it can be challenging at times to juggle so many passions, my hope is to spend my time offering thoughts and comments on this blog as well as offer a limited amount of coaching and training centered on the LYP process.  So far, things are working and I have found that being exceedingly busy actually makes me a more happy, well balanced person.  Think about it and see if in your life there isn't a way to juggle a few more balls - you just might find it works for you, too!

On a health related note, I have committed myself to a serious lifestyle program that includes daily exercise, proper nutrition and lots of family time.  It is working - as of today, I have lost 50lbs. and feel GREAT!  It has made an amazing impact on my energy level, my sleep patterns and my attitude (and for those of you who know me, that was pretty good to begin with!).

Today, I want to send a reminder message to each of you - Life is a do-it-to-yourself proposition.  No matter how dark it gets, there is always light ahead.  The LYP process teaches that by clarifying your values and beliefs, by looking at your strengths and apptitudes and by making deliberate choices about your life you regain control over a life that can often feel overwhelming.  By planning your journey and by taking action to live your plan you literally can change your life for the better!

 As my friend Paul Boynton writes about in his book "Begin With Yes!" Beginning with a "Yes" attitude can change everything.  It can shift your thinking and start you on a new path.  Live Your Passion and Begin With Yes are tools that can help adjust your thinking and help you to find a happier more fulfilled life, whatever that may be for you.  I encourage you all to take a minute and check out Paul's website - it's full of optimistic, positive ideas.

Have a wonderful week....until next time,