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What was your "Finest Hour?"

Hello friends.  This week I want to share with you another short except from Live Your Passion - this one is under the heading "Your Finest Hour."  It builds on the notion of "Authentic Self."  

Your Finest Hour

Have you ever been in a situation when you knew you were doing exactly what you were meant to do at that moment?  Every feeling, every sense was about the deed and not about you?  I call this your “Finest Hour” because I want to convey the importance of such times. 

Recently Cathy shared an experience in her life when she felt this way.  Working in a nursing home, Cathy often deals with residents who have had strokes.  During the admitting process for Tom, a new resident, his family told her he could no longer verbally convey his needs and wants due to his stroke.  As the admitting process concluded the family gave her a list of his likes and dislikes and then said goodbye to Tom.  Cathy is the Director of Activities at the nursing home and part of her role is to make sure that residents are offered a fun and stimulating environment, with activities and foods of their choosing on a regular basis.   While interacting with Tom, Cathy asked a series of questions to try and get to know him better. As his family had indicated, Tom had trouble answering them verbally.  Cathy was patient; she wanted to give Tom the opportunity to communicate, to be listened to.  She could tell from his body language that he wanted to be heard. Cathy asked Tom if there were any foods he especially enjoyed during the holiday season.  A few moments passed and Tom said, “Eggnog. I like eggnog!”  A big smile lit up Tom’s face.  In time, after Cathy had demonstrated patience and respect to Tom, he also let her know that he likes to play cards.  For the first time in a while, Tom felt listened to, that he had a voice! He was happy. Cathy was overjoyed because, through giving Tom an opportunity to express himself, she gave herself a “Finest Hour” moment. 

When you begin operating from a place of authenticity where you are honest with yourself and true to what’s important to you, it soon becomes effortless.  The paradox is that when you act in the interest of others, as your authentic self, you are happier and more content than when you are simply focused on yourself, feeling like a victim.   

Being authentic requires being true, being real and being honest.  Not just with others but with ourselves. Honesty is at the heart of personal growth and allows us to respect our self and feel confident.  When we respect our self and feel confident we make choices consistent with who we really are.  We avoid places that make us feel less than whole – we stay off of Victim Lane.  We act in thoughtful and caring ways, we display our “finest hour” more frequently.  Our lives become more passionate, impacting not only ourselves but countless others along the way ─ what a wonderful way to live!

I would love to hear from some of you - what is an example of you living your finest hour?

Until next time, be well.......