Raven Sky


Raven Sky is Passionate About Creating Art!

 Raven lives her passion through her art which inspires others and touches others in so many positive ways. While creating beautiful treasures is her passion, so many other folks are motivated to try their hand at painting as well. This is one person's example of living a passion and helping others in the process. With great delight Raven has created art in a multitude of ways all her life, first studying as a teenager with the Sisters of St. Ann in Marlboro, MA.

After graduating from Marlboro High School in 1977, Raven attended The School of the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA.

In 2004 after not painting seriously for 19 years, she was strongly urged and encouraged by her close friend Karen Rockland -Weare to begin painting again. With fresh vision, along with the influence of her spirituality and continued inspiration, support and love of her close friend Wayne Hoitt and son Bart, her current dynamic style of painting has emerged.

Her creative (spirit) name of Raven Sky was given to her while exploring her interest in spirituality and alternative healing, Raven completed her training as a Reiki Master in August 2003.

In addition to selling her Acrylics, Commissioned Works, and Oils, Raven has developed and offers a fun, creative art class for people of all ages. No painting experience is required to attend. Her easy techniques allow you to create and have fun... even if you can't draw!

Living a life of passion and helping others to do the same - that is the common thread that runs through our stories of people living some very cool lives!

Thanks Raven for all that you do!!